What Should I Give My Dog Before Grooming?

To make your dog healthier and more beautiful, you must invest some time, money, and effort in grooming him. However, you must realize that many unwritten rules are attached to dog grooming, and one of them involves knowing the right things to give to your dog before grooming him.

Given this, what can you give to your dog before dog grooming?

  • Dog feed

When you are trying to groom your dog, you are probably bothered about whether you can feed the pet or not. Well, dog feed is one of the things you can give your canine pet before grooming. However, the feed must be given to your dog at least 2 hours before the dog grooming starts. This ensures that his belly is not full when it is time for grooming.

If you don’t feed your dog before the grooming, it can result in some unwanted reactions in his gastrointestinal system. Over time, the reactions may lead to traumatic reactions while grooming the dog. Similarly, feeding your dog too close to the grooming time can lead to abdominal discomfort for your dog during the grooming process. This could deter the groomers from doing their jobs.

  • Dog treats

During dog grooming, another thing you can give your dog is a treat. Dog treats can be used for positive reinforcement that will encourage your dog to calm down and enjoy the grooming process. In fact, many groomers give treats to dogs during dog grooming. Therefore, it is only reasonable for you to do the same thing when grooming your furry friend.

However, you must be careful when choosing treats for your dog. You should make sure that you go for something that does not cause any allergic reactions in your dog.

  • Sedation

Some dogs are usually anxious when it is time for them to be groomed. As a consequence of this, it may be difficult for anyone to groom such dogs. Generally, Chihuahua, Border Collie, Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniel, and German Shepherd are some of the dog breeds that usually become anxious during dog grooming. 

The dog breeds can show signs such as tucking their tails between their legs, pulling back their ears, displaying signs of aggression, shaking violently, and panting profusely. However, you should not confuse any of these signs with a short burst of anxiety that many dogs experience when the groomers are cutting their nails.

So, if your dog is always anxious during grooming, you may need to give sedatives to her. The sedatives will make her calm down; thus, ensuring that the groomer can do their job without any stress.

However, you shouldn’t sedate your dog yourself. Let a vet handle the sedation so that you don’t harm your canine pet.

With this article, you have now understood the things you can give to your dog before dog grooming. Also, you may want to consult with your vet to learn more about what you should give to your dog before grooming.

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